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Job Information

Medical University of South Carolina MUSCP - Surgery Scheduler - Department of Orthopaedics in Charleston, South Carolina

Entity/Organization: MUSC Physicians (MUSCP) (

Hours per week: 40

Scheduled Work Hours/Shift: Monday - Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Pay Basis/FLSA: Hourly/Non-Exempt

Job Summary/Purpose : Schedules surgeries for assigned orthopaedic surgeons. Informs patients of their surgery workup and other required appointments. Informs patients of their time and date of surgery along with their appropriate instructions for surgery.

Required Minimum Training and Education: High school diploma or equivalent and minimum of one (1) year medical office experience required. Bachelors degree and/or one (1) year of surgery scheduling experience preferred. Excellent verbal and written communication skills required. Must be proficient with computers.

Required Licensure, Certifications, Registrations: N/A

Degree of Supervision: Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision.

Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Schedules surgeries for assigned orthopaedic surgeons. Informs patients of their surgery workup and other required appointments. Informs patients of their time and date of surgery along with their appropriate instructions for surgery. Responsible for receiving all posting slips that are generated by the assigned department's surgeons, residents, or administrative staff. Posts the surgeries with the correct codes to the appropriate operating room on the hospital scheduling system. Contacts company reps if required equipment needed for surgery has not arrived at the hospital by mid-day the day prior to surgery. Handles any changes that has taken place after the schedule has been completed, which includes taking care of cancellations, recalling patients, binding operating rooms for add-ons and emergency cases that are received. Forwards surgery information to all appropriate areas including but not limited to Medical records, financial counseling, administrative staff, clinical staff. Coordinates and schedules Radiology appointments as necessary.

  • Assist physician, residents, and staff to coordinate surgeries with the operating room chief nurse for the department. Constantly stay in contact with the surgical team, the administrative staff; and most importantly the operating room to ensure the surgeons are accommodated and their surgical procedures flow smoothly. Spends time with chief nurse of orthopaedics, who is located in the operating room, to confirm OR surgical pick sheets are checked and correct to make sure they are all inclusive of everything that is needed to have the operating room stocked and set up appropriately for each surgical case. Provide the chief nurse with the name of the sale's rep and company they represent and the corresponding surgical case. The operating room should expect to receive trays or equipment that are not stocked in the hospital. These trays are delivered directly to the operating room. Confirm these items have been ordered and purchase orders have been given with the OR. Coordinates the case schedule with the necessary departments within the hospital and schedules special request for Anesthesia, neuro monitoring, BEG's PICU and SICU beds, etc. so they will be present when needed for a particular procedure.

  • Describes, expands, and clarifies responses to any questions not answered by faculty or residents related to preoperative preparation, proposed intra-operative surgery, or post-operative inpatient/outpatient care. Confirms receipt of required patient workup information (H & P, consent form, etc?), Screens for participation in classes, receipt of medical clearances, phone screens and anesthesia appointments. Clarifies responses to any questions that deal with the entire surgical process and its paperwork.

  • Maintains detailed book in which all data is kept regarding future cases, equipment needs, referring physician's and operating room scheduling data. This information should be kept current and available at all times to be reviewed by faculty and staff. Maintains the electronic hospital case schedule.

  • The operating room schedule is sent to Oasis and updated twice daily for view only. Contacts the appropriate faculty and their administrative assistants via e-mail or by telephone of any time that is released by any of our surgeons that are not operating on that day.

  • Acts as a liaison for patients and their families to include surgery scheduling, correspondence regarding patient expectations, outcomes, follow up, send physical therapy referrals and secure/confirm appointments, secure/confirm post op appointment, complete follow up phone note in electronic record to document follow up.

  • Other duties as assigned.

Physical Requirements: Continuous requirements are to perform job functions while standing, walking and sitting. Ability to bend at the waist, kneel, climb stairs, reach in all directions, fully use both hands and legs, possess good finger dexterity, perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders, reach in all directions. Maintain 20/40 vision corrected, see and recognize objects close at hand and at a distance, work in a latex safe environment and work indoors. Frequently lift and/or carry objects weighing 20 lbs (+/-) unassisted. Lift from 36” to overhead 15 lbs. Infrequently work in dusty areas and confined/cramped spaces.