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Job Information

Medical University of South Carolina UNIV - Administrative Coordinator II - Department of Medicine: General Internal Medicine in Charleston, South Carolina

FLSA: Salaried

Job Summary: Coordinates complex business management activities for the Division of General Internal Medicine in the Department of Medicine. This position will assist in procurement, financial management, budgeting, and reporting of internal and external funding streams and expenses.

Payscale Salary Range: UNIV-Band 6: $40,759.00 - $58,086.00 - $75,413.00 (min - mid - max)

Job Duties:

  • 25% - Procurement: Coordinates input and processing of procurement and accounts payable transactions in UMS and MUSC Marketplace software as appropriate. Coordinates with Division of General Internal Medicine administrative staff regarding travel and meeting expenses for faculty/recruits/visiting speakers and processing of travel reimbursements. Obtains supporting documents and signatures necessary to process all travel and procurement requests. Ensures that all transactions are appropriately documented and that proper account codes and UDAKs are used. Orders and maintains stock of office supplies. When necessary, purchases items with the University Purchasing P‐Card in compliance with P‐ Card Policies & Procedures, and maintains accurate and complete records of P‐Card transactions. Acts as the Departmental P‐Card Liaison for the Division, ensuring cardholder compliance with P‐Card Policies & Procedures and accurately allocating transactions in WORKS banking software. Processes accounts receivable invoicing to other departments for services provided by the Division and tracks account transactions to ensure that payment is received and allocated to the correct UDAK / Cost Center. - (Essential)

  • 25% - Personnel Funding and Effort Management: Manages the personnel effort and funding for all employees in the Division in accordance with fiscal year budget plan, grant guidelines, and approved changes. Works closely with department/division leadership, grant and finance colleagues to ensure proactive submission of all payroll forms (PEAR, PAR, ASW). Reviews all payroll forms monthly, via reconciliation process, to ensure correctness and affordability. Manages quarterly effort reporting process ensuring compliance with Federal, State and Institutional guidelines. - (Essential)

  • 25% - Grant and Contract Administration: Manages post award administration for federal and foundation grants. Plans, coordinates and performs complex administrative and business management activities related to post award administration. Post award financial management will include accounting and reporting of personnel and non personnel transactions, monitoring spending, forecasting, and preparing financial reports. Responsible for ensuring all activities are in compliance with Federal, State, and Institutional policies and award specific regulations and requirements. Works closely with the Principle Investigators (PI’s), administrators, and university offices to finalize all reports and close grants once they are completed. Exemplary performance includes timely and effective communication with department leadership and PIs on problem resolutions. Coordinates with University Purchasing and Grants and Contracts Accounting to establish Contracts, Purchase Orders, Professional Services Agreements, and other procurement related agreements, for unrestricted and restricted (grant) UDAKs, ensuring that all financial transactions are in compliance with MUSC and State of South Carolina procurement regulations. Prepares and distributes PI reports timely and accurately. Meets regularly (at least every quarter) with department leadership and PIs for review, changes, and decision making. - (Essential)

  • 15% - Manages the monthly financial reconciliation process for the Division of General Internal Medicine. Reconciliations include the timely and correct matching of all revenue, transfers, and expenses. Prepares, analyzes and adjusts all outstanding transactions. Makes correcting journal entries as needed. Monitors and resolves cash deficits. Provides analytical financial reporting for Department leadership to make executive decisions. Exemplary performance includes adherence to the Department/Division budget plan to ensure effective and accurate cost accounting across affiliates, missions, and sources. Must develop a strong understanding of operational funds, discretionary funds, and external funds from Federal and private foundation sponsors. Runs reports from Smart Stream, UMS, and Consolidated Cubes to verify data, research variances, and for reporting. - (Essential)

  • 5% - Budgeting Assists the division administrator and department leadership in the annual budget process. Compiles source data and assists with data entry into budgeting software under guidance of the division administrator. Assists the division administrator and department leadership in entering data into the clinical FTE tool and faculty contracts. Reviews with leadership to ensure accuracy. - (Essential)

  • 5% - Other Carries out special projects and performs additional assignments as needed at the request of Department and Division leadership - (Essential)

Minimum Experience and Training Requirements: A high school diploma and five years relevant experience in business management, public administration or Administrative services; or a bachelor's degree and three years experience in business management, public administration or Administrative services.

Physical Requirements: Ability to perform job functions in an upright position. (Frequent) Ability to perform job functions in a seated position. (Frequent) Ability to perform job functions while walking/mobile. (Frequent) Ability to work indoors. (Continuous) Ability to work outdoors in all weather and temperature extremes. (Infrequent) Ability to work in confined/cramped spaces. (Infrequent) Ability to perform job functions from kneeling positions. (Infrequent) Ability to bend at the waist. (Frequent) Ability to squat and perform job functions. (Infrequent) Ability to perform 'pinching' operations. (Infrequent) Ability to fully use both hands/arms. (Continuous) Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders. (Frequent) Ability to reach in all directions. (Frequent) Possess good finger dexterity. (Continuous) Ability to maintain tactile sensory functions. (Continuous) Ability to lift and carry 15 lbs., unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to lift objects, up to 15 lbs., from floor level to height of 36 inches, unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to lower objects, up to 15 lbs., from height of 36 inches to floor level, unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to push/pull objects, up to 15 lbs., unassisted. (Infrequent) Ability to maintain 20/20 vision, corrected. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects close at hand. (Continuous) Ability to see and recognize objects at a distance. (Frequent) Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Frequent) Ability to determine distance/relationship between objects; depth perception. (Continuous) Good peripheral vision capabilities. (Continuous) Ability to maintain hearing acuity, with correction. (Continuous) Ability to hear and/or understand whispered conversations at a distance of 3 feet. Must be ambidextrous. Ability to perform gross motor functions with frequent fine motor movements. (Frequent) Ability to work in dusty areas. (Infrequent)