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Job Information

Palmetto Health Medical Group Clinical Fitness Specialist in Columbia, South Carolina

Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group Core Values

All team members are expected to be knowledgeable and compliant with the Palmetto Health-USC Medical Group's core values of Service, Excellence, Professionalism,Partnership, Integrity, Accountability, and Transparency.

Job Summary*:* Works with cardiac and pulmonary patients in a variety of settings. This job encompasses a variety of responsibilities of cardiac imaging and rehabilitation services. Determines exercise prescription on an individual basis for each patient. Promotes exercise and activity aimed at assisting patients to return to the pre-event level of conditioning.

Education: Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science

Experience: 2 years preferred

Number and Type of Employees Supervised (optional): None

Licensure, Registry or Certification Required: Certification may be required depending on job duties; CPR required.

Special Training: Demonstrates clinical competency based on patient's age

Ages of Patients Rendered Care:

( ) Neonate/Infant ( ) Early Childhood ( ) Adolescent (X) Adult (X) *Geriatric * ( ) All Age Groups

Key Responsibilities:

Provides fitness and lifestyle assessment. Responsible for development of exercise prescription, instructions and ongoing re-evaluation of activity until discharge.

May provide classroom education to patients regarding the importance of exercise and increased activity, how to monitor activity, indications, and contraindications.

Responsible for monitoring patients during exercise, assessing equipment needs and providing recommendations to manager.

Performs pertinent chart reviews to determine appropriate activity levels. Communicates plan to other care providers.

Recognizes the need for and makes appropriate interdisciplinary referrals.

Documents patient's physical activity as well as documenting vitals and clinical response.

Provides patient with self-monitoring tools as appropriate.

May perform a variety of stress tests to include routine treadmill stress tests, nuclear stress tests, and stress echocardiography.

May prepare studies for interpretation and assign studies to correct physician.

Participates in interdisciplinary team meetings, including discharge planning. Participates in collection of outcome data.

Perform other duties as assigned.