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Job Information

University of South Carolina Instructor in Columbia, South Carolina

Classification Title: Instructor

College/Division: College of Arts and Sciences

Department: CAS Biological Sciences

Advertised Job Summary:

The Department of Biological Sciences is looking for an Instructor to serve primarily in the role of BIOL 102L (Biological Principles II Laboratory) Coordinator. BIOL 102L is an undergraduate Intro Biology lab course designed for science majors, and pre-professional students. These labs offer an introduction to mechanisms of evolution, biological diversity, plant and animal form and function, and ecology.
The instructor would be responsible for prepping/implementing/overseeing approximately 60-65 Introductory Biology lab sections over the course of the academic year. The teaching load for this position is 4:4 over the course of 9-months (Fall and Spring semesters). However, as this position requires extensive amounts of time with the coordination of a large number of lab sections each semester, the teaching load will be adjusted by following a series of metrics established by the Department of Biological Sciences that equalizes numbers of lab sections coordinated to course load reductions. The Coordinator would also be responsible for training the GIAs (Graduate Instructional Assistants) that will be teaching the undergraduate labs each semester and would be responsible for holding weekly prep meetings to teach the GIAs about the upcoming week’s lab curriculum, location of all course materials for the week, and how to successfully implement and execute the lab curriculum to their students.
A BIOL 102 Laboratory Coordinator is needed not only to help manage and develop curriculum for these integral introductory-level labs, but also to help with maintaining equipment that is utilized in these teaching labs. Routine maintenance and service of the specialized equipment (microscopes, centrifuges, pipettes, etc.) is necessary for successfully implementing labs of this nature. The BIOL 102 Lab Coordinator would also oversee facilitating and initiating the scheduling of routine calibration services with the service contractors.

The associated job duties for the Instructor serving in the BIOL 102L Coordinator role are as follows: • Oversee the BIOL 102L sections each major academic semester (Fall and Spring), and, if interested, oversee the BIOL 102L during one of the Summer sessions, as specified by the Department of Biological Sciences, for additional pay • Train the GIAs who are responsible for teaching these labs in the current BIOL 102L curriculum • Be able to supervise the prep of all laboratory materials for labs each week (setting up weekly lab experiments, preparation of reagents, ordering lab supplies, maintaining proper servicing of specialized equipment used in the lab, etc.) • Serve as an advisor to students majoring in Biological Sciences • Update the BIOL 102L curriculum on an as needed basis to reflect changes in the current advancement of the field of Biology • Teach one BIOL lecture course in the Fall semester of every academic year

A Background check is required for this position.

Advertised Minimum Qualifications :

Must have a minimum of Master’s Degree in hand at the time of the appointment. Strong organizational skills are essential.

Full/Part Time: Full Time