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Resurgent Capital Services Strategy Development Analyst (I or II) in Greenville, South Carolina

Building Bridges, Moving Ahead Work hard. Play hard. Breathe Easy. That’s a nutshell description of the professionals who thrive at Resurgent. Regardless of their position, our people are ambitious and entrepreneurial, attracted to the fresh point-of-view of an evolving, growing company. They are personable and patient, attracted to the collaborative nature of our company. And they are centered, understanding the balance needed to achieve success at work and harmony at home.

Job Summary:

This individual will leverage creativity, business intuition, excellent communication, analytics, problem solving skills, project management, and data management skills to proactively identify opportunities to generate innovative, new business strategies that increase net revenue. This individual will be responsible for creating, designing, marketing, and implementing projects valued at more than $500,000 net revenue impact in a well-defined area of the business.


• Identifies opportunities and leads projects to enhance or create business strategies, and is able to quantify the potential economic impact.

• Partners with performance managers to manage segments of business, seeking opportunities to improve performance of the segment through recommended strategy advancements (i.e., pricing structure, account segmentation, incenting desired behaviors, altering existing business practices, etc.).

• Acts as both project manager and thought leader in projects designed to improve recoveries by implementing experiments and new strategies.

• Designs and monitors experiments, evaluates results, understands servicers’ behavior, and makes recommendations for improvement and implementation to executives and peers.

• Identifies and monitors key performance metrics that should be impacted by a strategy change, and seeks to understand unexpected results.

• Refines oral and written communication skills by soliciting feedback on project presentations from analyst team and senior leaders in order to build a compelling business case for a change in strategy.

• Translates business strategy requirements into detailed action items for those impacted by the change and works with them to create an implementation plan.

• Develops strong communication and listening skills, conveys new ideas to a diverse audience, understands potential concerns, and addresses obstacles encountered throughout the lifecycle of a project.

• Contributes regularly in ‘think tank’ sessions designed to generate creative ideas to enhance recoveries

• Understands data management structure and consistently able to create accurate queries.

• Partners with data analysts with more complicated requests by clearly articulating needs and uses for data.

• Creates SQL queries, with a deep understanding of a small group of high usage tables and field definitions.

• Effectively communicates with Data Analyst Team to articulate data needs that cannot be met through existing reporting or intermediate SQL queries.

• Identifies data anomalies and is able to understand when they are important or should be ignored.

• Aggregates large, complex data sets and is able to select the best graphical depiction of performance.

• Understands the business application of existing predictive models.

• Maintains a working knowledge of existing business processes, servicer performance metrics, scorecard methodologies, and reporting.

• Stays abreast of industry and regulatory trends that may impact new and existing strategy development.

• May travel to servicers with performance managers in order to assess new strategies or understand strategy adoption


• 3-5 years of similar experience

• Advanced skills in Excel (charts, formulas, macros) required

• Comfortable with “quick math”: the ability to quickly discern accuracy, spot trends/problems, and size up opportunity.

• Capable of navigating data structures, organize large sets of data, experience using programming languages or reporting software a plus

• Orientation for detail, coupled with organizational and project management skills.

• Ability to multi-task, respond well to pressure and deadlines, and work well individually and in a team environment.

• Flexible to changing priorities, project scopes, and deadlines.

• PowerPoint and Visio experience is a plus

• Natural entrepreneurial interests are desirable

Educational Requirements:

• Bachelor’s degree mixed with experience may be considered, prefer Master’s Degree within an analytical or quantitative field (i.e. Economics, Finance, Engineering, Business (MBA), Mathematical Sciences, etc.)

We would be honored if you applied to join our team! We are an equal opportunity employer,offering a fantastic work environment, challenging career opportunities and competitive compensation.

Technically speaking, Resurgent Capital Services manages domestic and international debtportfolios. But, if you were to ask any of our employees what we do, you might get a slightly

different response.

They might tell you that we create opportunities out of challenging situations. For ourselves. And for our clients. It’s what we call “building bridges.” And here at Resurgent, we’re buildingstronger bridges every day.Founded in 1998 and located in Greenville, SC, Resurgent works with some of the nation’s largest credit grantors and debt purchasers. Our employees share common values that are embodied in the people who make our company their home.Our employees’ actions are guided by “Results-Driven Process Management” or RPM—arigorous measurement of financial and operational performance. This process, coupled with our people, has enabled Resurgent Capital Services to achieve industry-leader status.Whether dealing with customers directly or indirectly, our employees are trained in a variety ofdisciplines. Management. Operations. Collections. Financial or statistical analysis. InformationTechnology. In every discipline, regardless of position, all of our employees bring energy andhigh standards to the work we do.