Premier Senior Living - Delaware LLC Maintenance Coordinator in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

Must possess a valid SC driver's license and able to get insured by company carrier as well as possess personal insurance.

This position is for a "hands on" Maintenance worker. You will do daily maintenance at the Courtyard our Assisted Living building. You will be responsible for all general maintenance. You will rotate on call with other maintenance employees across the campus.


Performs general repair and maintenance in regard to electrical systems, painting and plumbing.


High School Graduate or Equivalent. Specialized training in related field as required.


Minimum of three years experience with increasingly responsible experience in facility supervisory/ management.


Knowledge of specialized principles or techniques equivalent to that which would normally be obtained through a formal training.


Customer Service

Present a professional image: Exhibits a manner that is cordial and respectful. Conservative, appropriate dress and good personal hygiene. Communicate effectively: Timely, attentive, respectful, and clear communication whether verbal, written or body language. Displays control and calmness in all situations. Maintain privacy and confidentiality: Respecting others’ rights, shares only what others need to know and in only appropriate places, not in public areas or near others without a need to know. Anticipate needs, demonstrate initiative, and strive to exceed expectations: Empathize with those who are in need. Seek ways to be helpful to residents, visitors, and the Premier community. Provide superior service by focusing on our customers. Be an ambassador for your organization: Be positive and caring as a representative of the Company. Be a team player: Support your fellow employees; share your time and talents; be respectful and helpful. Welcome the new member of the department/ unit. Know the organization: Seek information; share it with others; always be a resource. Know who is responsible for each area of the Company with whom interaction is needed. Assume responsibility for cleanliness: Observe all rules regarding eating. Leave all areas clean and neat. Promote safety. Take ownership of complaints: Listen with genuine sincerity, apologize, resolve or report complaint to someone who can resolve the complaint. Celebrate Success: Acknowledge your own as well as others’ successes. Be proud!! Participate in departmental or organizational activities. Mission and Values

Shows compassion for others and commitment to helping those who needs assistance. Follows compliance program, is sensitive to ethical and compliance issues and appropriately addresses such issues. Quality of Work

Uses integrity, good judgment and problem solving skills in making decisions. Produces high quality documentation as evidence by the following: Checks electrical systems such as a/c controls, television sets, lighting systems and makes minor repairs and replacements. Checks and repairs/replaces on general plumbing systems such as pipe lines, toilets and sinks. Performs Preventive Maintenance tasks in rooms, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning hot water heaters, exhaust fans, circulating pumps, hot water heaters, refrigeration equipment, swimming pools, spas, monthly fire extinguisher inspections, and similar equipment. Maintains functioning of all Operations Maintenance Systems as adopted by the company. Performs replacement and/or repair to kitchen and laundry equipment and any other duties as deemed necessary by the Executive Director. Responsible for the upkeep of the grounds. Responsible for supervision of housekeeping staff as requested by Executive Director—scheduling, etc. Assists or performs transportation tasks as assigned by Executive Director. Comply with OSHA and Health rules. Performs all other duties as assigned by Management. Takes steps necessary to produce excellent work in any task or job that is assigned.