Santolubes Manufacturing Llc Warehouse Operator in Spartanburg, South Carolina

GENERALThe Warehouse Operator is responsible for shipping, receiving, and providing transportation and set up assistance to the various production teams and other duties as assigned by management. JOB RESPONSIBILITIESSHIPPINGPromptly and correctly pull and process printed dispatch orders for outbound goods. Coordinate processing of ordered materials arriving in the warehouse from production areas or retrieve ordered materials from warehouse or production areas and stage for shipping by applying appropriate labels, markings and shipping documentationChoose and schedule appropriate carriers for deliveries of finished goods as instructed by supervisorAlert Customer Service immediately if there are discrepancies between the materials picked for shipment and the materials available in inventory. Assist in resolving any discrepancies.Ensure that all containers are clean, labeled, securely closed to prevent spills and ensure compliance with all required DOT hazardous materials loading and transportation requirements.Load material securely into trucks for delivery to customers, obtain driver's signature on the bill of laden and transfer completed shipping paperwork to carriers.Confirm dispatch when shipment leaves the dock and send all copies of shipping documents to Customer Service.RECEIVINGReceives all materials according to SOP in the ISO Quality Manual.Verify that Certificate of Analysis is accompanied with shipment. If there is no COA, contact Purchasing before unloading goods.Unload items being delivered to the warehouse and ensure that incoming goods are processed on the day of receipt or notify management and request help when same day receipt is not possible.Develop plan for alleviating any receiving backlogs that may occur.Complete required receiving documentation and send copies to Purchasing.Maintain receiving schedule keeping it accessible for Purchasing.Ensure that returns and customer supplied goods are properly documented on manual receiver form.Daily receiving review with purchasing department. TRANSPORTAssisting production teams by:Ensuring that raw material requisitions are properly documented and transacted.Transporting raw materials to production teams in a timely and protected manner.Ensuring that raw materials are properly placed in staging areas in or around production buildings so that the materials are identifiable, accessible, and protected. Transporting and placing finished goods in assigned storage locations so that they are identifiable, accessible, and protected.Ensuring that finished goods movements are properly reported.Removing waste and empty containers from production areas, and ensuring they are transferred to appropriate storage or disposal locations. Assisting general operations by:Pulling, transporting, staging, and inspecting finished goods in preparation for shipmentsMaintaining the order of goods in warehouse storage areasReporting spills or unauthorized movements in warehouse storage areasRemoving scrap and waste from general plant locations when requestedAssisting with stock countsCarrying out miscellaneous tasks as assigned.Ensuring that all work assignments are carried out in compliance with safety policies and procedures.Ensuring that all work assignments are carried out in a timely mannerGENERALMaintain a clean and orderly work area in the office, receiving, warehouse and yard outside shipping/receiving docks. Sweep and remove all waste as needed.Manage use of all dock and staging space in an orderly and efficient manner.Comply with all safety and work performance policies and requirements including, but not limited to:-Wear prescribed Personal Protective Equipment-Operate receiving/shipping equipment properly-Do not eat/drink in warehouse areasEmpty container managementCarry out other duties as assigned by management QUALIFICATIONS SUMMARY The Specialties Warehouse Operator must have:Excellent organizational, communication, and documentation skillsAbility to operate transportation