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Owens Corning Production Operator (Manufacturing) in Starr, South Carolina



The Fiber Optimizer safely manages and provides minor equipment maintenance for the process used in glass fiberization to include fiber forming and glass conditioning of quality Chopped Strand products.

As a member of a team, the Optimizer uses teamwork and communications to produce a high quality product while achieving performance standards.



Maintains a clean and safe work area.

Manages fiber forming effectiveness.

Performs minor bushing adjustments.

Operates and adjusts bushings.

Understands bushing critical process variables (CPV’s).

Manages glass conditioning effectiveness.

Monitors and maintains the cooling for strand conditioning.

Manages binder supply at the applicator tray including minor troubleshooting and repair of the binder pot.

Manages binder application for strand conditioning.

Manages glass contact.

Manages chopping process to include cot & heads, main idler, pull roll cots, hold-off wire, water sprays, etc.

Monitors and maintains process parts equipment to include idlers, applicator rollers, graphite shoes, etc.

Monitors and maintains product reliability.

Demonstrates Teamwork by working cooperatively with team members.

Minimizes process downtime.

Participates on continuous improvement work teams and supports trials.

Uses general tools (not requiring specialized training) as needed to perform the job.

Identifies process problems/causes and seeks solutions.

Improves Performance Metrics.

Adheres to standard work

Understands and monitors the Team Metrics.

Operates in a manner that enables the team to achieve its Metrics.

Maintains Communications.

Sustains effective Team communications.

Maintains communications logs (includes down time logs, audit/ check sheets, etc.)

Assists in resolving supplier complaints related to process parts, packaging materials, etc.

Participates in daily team huddles.

Performs other related duties consistent with the nature of job as directed by management.